Senior Drupal Developer

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Я ищу опытного Drupal разработчика с хорошим разговорным английским на удаленную фулл-тайм позицию в американскую веб-студию. Требуется смещение графика (быть доступным до 23:00 по Мск), отсутствие основного вида занятости. Зарплата фиксируется в валюте, в зависимости от опыта 2-4k USD.

* Hands on development from tickets created by Solution Architect on Drupal 8 platforms.

* Responsible for communicating with the Solution Architect to fully comprehend and define an approach prior to starting work on a ticket.

* Solve for minor blockers, unexpected problems or minor missing instructions in tickets but know when to ask for help.

* Mostly site building, theming, css work. Some back-end custom module work.

* Work with a team and provide minimal support for Jr developers.

* 5+ Years of hand on Drupal Site Building + Theming experience.

* 5+ Years of experience working in a team environment with a ticketing system.

* 2+ Years of hands on Front End development experience.

* Solid understanding of PHP, HTML, JS, CSS/SCSS

* Solid understanding of bases of Git and Dev/Stage/Prod workflow

* Solid understanding of Drupal hooks, render arrays, module development, plugins and themes.

* Experience with 3rd party API’s and Integrations into Drupal.

* Familiar with Drupal 8 + modules, drush, composer and config export/import workflow

* Comfortable with LAMP localhost setup (We’ll be using Acquia dev desktop)

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