Требуется Drupal разработчик

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Всем привет!

Мы JetRockets (https://jetrockets.pro) ищем Drupal разработчика на проект (проект для университета из США).


  • Site must be built in the latest version of Drupal 8 utilizing PHP 7.3
  • Development should be performed adapting NYU Meyers well documented development process and host the site in Acquia.com. The documented development process will be fully supported by NYU Meyers.
  • Site development should meet WCAG 2.0 Accessibility standards
  • Development team must automate tests which should include, PHPUnit Kernel Tests, Browser and JavaScript Functional tests as recommended by Drupal.org. The test should at a minimum include tests for content creation and custom features being created on the site. Test should run inside of Travis as documented in NYU Meyers development workflow.
  • Front end development should be done using component-based theming. This should be built using the Pattern Lab framework (https://patternlab.io/) and integrating Drupal to PatternLab best practices. (As an example, the emulsify theme: http://emulsify.info/).
  • Website structure and designs must be implemented as provided. Any changes must be approved HIGN before development or implementation starts.
  • Site search must be done using Acquia Search (SOLR).
  • A mobile firs strategy must be employed. Tablet designs should be inferred from the desktop and mobile designs.
  • Consult with design team as needed during the development process.

От кандидатов потребуется оценка и дальнейшая реализация проекта.

По вопросам и предложениям можно писать на hello@jetrockets.pro или мне в Telegram: @igor_alexandrov.


P.S. Как у Ruby разработчиков появился проект на Drupal расскажу в личной беседе Smile

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